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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you remain on the same lifting day and what about Christmas?

    Yes, we remain on the same lifting day right through the year even over holidays. We pre-arrange for an alternative lifting day in that same week to accommodate Christmas – and New Year’s day.

  • How does your recycling work?

    This service is rendered free of charge to all clients making use of our waste removal services. A new transparent bag is provided on a weekly basis to each person wishing to recycle. The recyclables (glass, paper, plastic and tin) are removed with our recycling truck on the same lifting day as the other waste.

  • What colour is your bins and can we choose to have black dustbins?

    240l Blue (weekly/daily) and Green (garden) bins. Only Tshwane Waste is allowed to use black bins – the authorised service providers are prohibited to use black bins according to their bylaws. Schedule 1 (6.) “No other container shall have the same colour as the containers used by the Municipality.“

  • Do we need to buy dustbins?

    No, we supply and maintain them (free of charge) to all our clients. It remains our property and can be marked with stickers only.

  • What will happen should our premise make use of an unauthorised waste removal person/company?

    Tshwane Waste’s By-laws Fine Schedule Code 91700 Section 2(3) has an approved fine of R2500 in place – Charge description: “Fail to use waste removal services provided by authorised service provider / use unauthorised service provider”

    Chapter 10 – 32.(2) “A person or other legal entity must not, within the area of jurisdiction of the Municipality, operate or conduct a service for the removal of any type of waste contemplated in Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 from premises, irrespective of whether such service is rendered for payment or not, unless such natural person or other legal entity is permitted in writing as an authorised service provider by the Waste Management Officer of the Municipality.”

  • Are your company permitted to remove waste (authorised service provider)?

    Yes, find our Tshwane permit at the legal compliance link.

  • What does the Tshwane Waste city cleansing amount on our water and lights rates account goes for?
    • Street cleaning;
    • Maintaining dumpsites;
    • Clean vacant stands;
    • Illegal dumping clean-ups.
  • How can we cancel Tshwane municipality’s waste removal service?

    Make contact with us for the latest in this regard.